Enterprise Resource Planning

Our Simplified 4 Step Implementation Approach

Optimize Processes

ERP Customisation

Connect Extensions

Data Migration

We work with our customers to define their core business processes  and existing systems to analyse the effectiveness of these.  Our business analysts will provide you with recommendations to optimise and standardise your business processes and ensure that these align with your organisation’s strategy.  

Our business analysts also use the knowledge of your business process alongside their experience and knowledge of the IMTS ERP solution to deliver integrated training to your employees throughout the implementation cycle. 

We configure the ERP solution to balance alignment with industry best practises alongside specialist business processes identified by our business analysts. Our approach to customisation thus allows you to benefit from our knowledge of the simplest ways to perform tasks alongside ensuring a buy-in from your internal and external stakeholders.

IMTS has developed a range of extensions to meet niche business needs of our customers. This allows us to support your organisations niche business practises without  having to develop expensive bespoke solutions. This saves our customers money and allows for a speedy ERP implementation journey 

Our IMTS migration team work closely with our business analysts to provide an end to end service which begins at identifying the data to be migrated to the ERP solution, converting the data, and importing it into the ERP system. This approach minimises any disruption to your business operations and facilitating a seamless transition.  Depending on the complexity and resource availability, we might recommend a “staged”  data migration and implementation or a “big bang” one.