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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR & VR Solutions

  • Building Brand Awareness

  • Bridging gap between technical know-how and practical experience

  • Squeeze the most value out of your social media

  • We provide real, practical advice

  • Immersive training
  • Processes are time-tested and field proven
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Bringing the In-Store Experience to Consumers’ Homes.

Manifold changes in the face of retail – VR/AR is dramatically changing how retailers do business and how their customers shop, browse and buy. The lines dividing physical and online stores are merging to form a pure-play, integrated retail environment.

Standing Out and Building Brand Awareness.

Consumer shopping patterns can be used to create virtual tours tailored to the expectations of different customer segments. Shoppers can use the headsets to experience a new product or service without being physically present in a store. They could watch a fashion show in real-time, use their HMD to see how they would look in a particular outfit or how a room renovation would look before they decide to move forward.

For retailers, VR and AR headsets can be a tool for squeezing the most value out of the data gathered from social media and mobile apps.

Each time shoppers browse or buy, they will discover a new and better way of shopping. Rationalized product selections will allow shoppers to virtually view, try on or try out items from a digital product catalog and smart shelves, enabling them to make faster, more informed decisions.

Artificial Inteligence

FaceValue Application: Facial recognition for Security and Sentiment analysis.

Face value, powered by SAP business one will be a technology to reckon with, Its journey towards providing an intelligent enterprise solution for hospitality industry will work towards a enhanced customer satisfaction. This will not only increase faithfulness towards the enterprise but also help in increased revenue.

Artificial Inteligence Solutions

  • Identify customers & non-customers via IP cam

  • Register user images through live feed
  • Match captured image with any application DB

  • Show age & sentiment along with the identification

  • Easy-to-use dashboard and analytics

  • Records potential buyers

  • Customizability

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AI based camera Artificial Intelligence solution

Identify customers and non-customers, Sentiments, behavior patterns, the last service availed. Our app has a real-time interactive service!

Via IP Cam, it identifies the member or non-member and keeps the count through live feeds. It can click real-time pictures of members who do not have a picture uploaded and register the image through live feeds.

Face captured is matched with any application database through POS/CMS (Club management system Application, developed by IMTS and integrates with any application and result is shown on screen, i.e., Member verified / Not a member, sent as an email, sent as an SMS to respective managers and at the reception.

Along with Identification, it also shows Age, Sentiments of the members.

Back end, it processes the count of this member visiting the club. Camera in a social gathering, helps give them exact count of people which gives accurate numbers for billing purpose

For example, If client visits for the 7th time in a month, an email goes to the specified manager.

Application camera used in the Sales department is used to record the person who shows interest in buying the membership.

Office Automation
A better way to handle the people, process, and technology at reduced costs, allowing them to work from anywhere and be contactless

Let us say you have an employee at your doorstep.The system will recognize the employee despite the facial mask, check for the normal body temperature of the employee, and automates the door to open without having to establish physical contact with the door.

Upon authorization to enter, touch hand free sanitizer helps the employee to sanitize his hands.

Now the system will recognize the presence of the employee in the cabin or meeting room and automatically turn on/off the electric appliances, thus saving costs.

The employee and the enterprise remain fully sterile as the system takes hygiene to the next level with a touch-free washroom facility and hands-free drinks dispenser

Ofiice Automation Solutions

  • Contactless Temperature Check

  • Hands-free Sanitizer

  • Attendance through Face recognition

  • Mask Occlusion (Face detection with Mask)/QR Code Scanning

  • Voice operated Coffee Machine

  • Hands-free dispenser

  • Employee Location Tracking in office

  • Employee Location Tracking in office

  • Social Distancing and Safety regulations via automation

  • Wayfinding tools

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What Makes Us Different

Here are a few of the leading solutions that can help us navigate this new territory, allowing us to interact with caution when necessary, and avoid it when possible.

It buzzes if workers get too close. As always, the underlying data logged by the devices holds even more value. Not only can repeat offenders be identified but if an employee tests positive for COVID-19, anyone who was recently within six feet of that person can be notified, as well.

As we move forward, adoption will rise, making payments safer and faster, and more efficient. In addition to business uses, this technology can also be applied to public transit systems, ATMs, events, etc.

Robots in support roles: The potential of robotics is vast; consider their use for disinfection and routine tasks in hospitals to keep staff safe and more available for patient care.

Rather than individuals needing to police the social distancing of those around them. LiDAR (light detection and ranging), long known for its autonomous vehicle applications, is being adapted for crowd congestion.

Beacon technology: For example, grocery retailers could send an alert to app users saying, “In-store traffic is light right now. Get your shopping done in a flash.” Or event centers could send a notification to ticket holders saying, “Parking lots are 80% full. See a list of nearby drop-off locations.”

The use of drone delivery, drones as-a-service, driverless vehicles, autonomous pick/pack/ship warehouses, and RFID/NFC tags for shipment tracking will rise. At the same time, remote work and “leave at the door” policies will remain in place.

Our Automation Technologies

Industry 4.0

Industrial IOT



Integrating the entire business, from the back office to the Plant floor

Benefits That Truly Propel A Business Forward

Any ERP Integration can be done with Machines, Various Devices, Assets, Wearable or any other 3rd Party tools or applications. Integration between ERP to create Hybrid Model to get the Best of all worlds is playing the Major role in today’s world.

Integration Solutions

  • Cost reduction due to less wastage

  • Real-time tracking of raw materials to finished products

  • Time saving

  • Less Errors due to Less manual Intervention

  • Proactive machine maintenance through active run and cycle time capture

  • Better machine and master schedule synchronization and change management

  • Improved manufacturing quality and real-time degradation monitoring

  • Single Platform for all applications

  • Continuous manufacturing improvement and optimal resource application

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a. Collect count information (from PLC)

b. Monitor the machine status remotely

c. Configure devices (setup)

d. Retrieve tracking information

e. Predictive Maintenance

f. Energy Monitoring

  1. Attendance Management Application with Payroll
  2. Facial Recognition software with Member Management application and ERP
  3. Schedule Booking application with ERP
  4. Point of Sales with ERP
  5. Hotel Booking application with POS and ERP

IMTS has a unique Best of Breeds ERP Solution. It allows customers to take advantage of Powerful features of high-end ERP with the remaining features of cost-friendly ERP systems to get the best of all worlds in an integrated form makes it easy to use everything on a single platform.

  • Low-cost solutions for users who need access to Limited ERP features
  • Out-of-the-Box AI, BI, BA tools, and More
  • Web and Mobile apps for Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and everything
  • Integration of HRMS System with Attendance management using Face Recognition Cameras
  • Temperature monitoring device integrated with alert management
  • Sentiment Analysis with CCTV Cameras to analyze customer behavior
  • Artificial Intelligent devices integrated with ERP
  • Electricity Consumption Monitoring device with ERP

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