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Challenges for Roofing Sheet & Hollowware Industry

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  • Dual Accounting of Materials

    The roofing industry is one of those industries that require the material to be accounted for in more than one units of measurement. The requirements are generally specified in meters or sq.meters. Further, the marketing, sale and applications are all in length (meters) and area (sq.meters). The entire inventory and valuation of stocks is generally carried out in weight (kg ton). This is a very basic requirement of the industry and must be well addressed in the ERP. Generally coil manufacturers sells coils on weight basis. Based on the gauge of the material, the width of the coil and the kind of material, the length of coil is theoretically calculated. The ERP needs to take this into account.

  • Coil History / Management

    The management & tracking the history of individual coils play an important role. The optimization of output from coils is a key to financial success. Based on the orders on hand or forecasts, the enterprise needs to select the appropriate coil available in the store. The optimization capabilities of the planning engines in the ERP need to manage / optimize the outputs from individual coils of metal. This a rather challenging task.

  • Scrap Management

    As in all metal industry, scrap plays an extremely important role in this roofing business. Keeping in view the relatively low profitability of this industry, often the complete profitability of the company is dependent on the ability to manage and track the usage/sale of scrap generated. Scrap generated is either used for producing accessories or sent to a furnace for re melting. The ERP needs to play an important role of tracking the consumption of the coil.

  • Scrap is generated at various stages

    » Each time a coil is loaded on a un-coiler or a coiler, the end portions have to be scraped.
    » Coils are generally loaded / unloaded using fork lifts. In case of colouredcoils, excessive handling leads to scrap generation at the ends.
    » Ends of coils are damaged in transportation.

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

    Often tracking the movement of material within the yard sometimes poses more of a challenge than the tracking of the ship or convoy of rail wagons carrying ore, scrap etc.

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