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With hosting an Application, Organization can access an application remotely from a data centre through internet cloud, thus eliminating painful task of managing the application and the related IT infrastructure locally. Organization can cut down their IT related expenses up to 45% by opting for application hosting and support services.

The offer Includes:

•   High End Branded Servers hosted in A Class Data Center
•   Maintenance of above Servers
•   Regular Software upgrades & Patches
•   Web enabling for 24 X 7 internet availability up time
•   Relevant Operating systems
•   Operating systems upgrades & patches
•   Security Firewall
•   Anti-Virus & Anti Spy Software
•   Daily Backup
•   Database Monitoring & Fine tuning
•   Disaster Recovery

The advantages of the hosted applications are

  • Integration of Business processes across locations - Corporate office, regional offices, Ware houses, etc.
  • Seamless visibility of information across locations in real time.
  • Simpler Work flow & transaction flow within all arms of the organization instantly.
  • Optimized utilization of Human resources across the organization - Functional experts may have access to data at alternate location there by making decision making better & easier.
  • Direct cost advantages - Reduced capital expenditure on servers or software & IT infrastructure.
  • Better utilisation of communication facilities, Availability of Professional IT administration service experts at reduced costs.
  • Reduced Obsolescence on Operating System / antivirus / database software.

Level of Security

  • A class IDC - IMTS GLOBAL proposes the hosting of SAP Business One database with the servers placed at A-class data centre.
  • Secure Firewall - Forti Gate Firewall
  • Virus proof - Anti virus / Antimalware / Anti Spyware at Server level
  • IP Locking - IP mapping for secure access to only the user whose IP shall be provided by Organisation.
  • Secure - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to guarantee a secure channel between servers and clients operating over the Internet or an internal network.
  • Alerts - Proactive alerts when infrastructure usage & performance are abnormal.
  • Audit log - Administrators can refer to and find details about each user connection: who is the authenticated user, the source from where the user is connecting, the time when the user connected and what the user is accessing.

Advantages of Hosted Applications

  • No high capital outlay
  • Plug and Play applications
  • Faster Implementation, Less Trainin, Faster ROI
  • Simplified Application Integration / Scalable
  • Improved Security
  • No High Speed Internet. Multiple location mgt easier.
  • Start with Small no of users and increase as you grow
  • Proactive Issue Detection And Resolution: allows the environment settings to be auto-baselined, sending proactive alerts when infrastructure usage and performance are abnormal; administrators can automatically correlate across different metrics and spot and fix issues before they are noticed by users.

The hosting of the application shall include

  • High End Branded Servers hosted in A Class IDC
  • Maintenance of above Server
  • Software upgrades & Patches
  • Web enabling for 24 X 7 internet availability uptime
  • SQL Database
  • Relevant Operating systems
  • Operating systems upgrades & patches
  • Security Firewall
  • Anti-Virus & Anti Spy Software
  • Regular Backup
  • Database Monitoring & Fine tuning

What do we Host

  • Sap business one SQL / HANA
  • Tally
  • Any ERP (Fact, Tally ERP, Trio etc)
  • Ecomm websites
  • Office 365 (All word, xls, ppt and other documents)
  • Autocad drawings
  • All document management for records

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