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Challenges for Clubs

SAP Business One is a breakthrough in business management software built from the ground up for small and mid sized businesses. SAP Business One is a single piece of software that puts business users in charge – so you gain increased control and achieve greater insight into your business. Automate and integrate all the critical functions of your organization including Manufacturing, Inventory, Finance and accounting, Management, purchasing, Banking and Customer Relationship Management. Solution components for the seamless integration to Quality Assurance / Quality Checking, Research & Development, Master Production Scheduling and compliance reporting functionalities are available.

  • Member relationship management

    Membership management is a crucial aspect of Club administration. Right from the reception desk to various Point of Sales the member details and activities needs to be tracked. Reminder on club events, promotions. Wishing the member on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries reflect on the status of the club.

    IMTS Club management system (Prodi-G) powered by SAP takes membership management to the whole new level. Proactive alerts, Reminders and business intelligence gives the club a comprehensive details on its members and how to enhance their satisfaction levels.

  • Inventory management

    To keep food supplies and beverages at an optimised level can be a challenge for the club. When a member orders an item on the menu, the inventory for that has to be in stock.

    SAP’s inventory management module ensures the purchasing department with proactive alerts to procure based on demand supply pattern of the members and special days of the club ensuring the service levels are kept very high.

  • Integrated solution

    Most of the clubs do not have integrated solutions. Various modules like Point of Sale, Membership management, Inventory management & Financials are disparate islands of software solutions. This results in duplication of data, delays in reporting, dependability on other systems.

    IMTS Club management solution powered by SAP integrates ALL these systems in to one complete solution, so that there is NO duplication of data, reporting is Real time at a click of a button and maintaining the system is simple and non-complex.

  • Banquets / Spa’s / Salon

    IMTS Club management system provides extensive solutions for Banquets, Spa’s and Salon. The entire booking is done through a User friendly, intuitive screen which sends the details to the guests about their booking and availability of the venues for better management of the Club.

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